Wood is an absolute resource we must sustain. We are saying this not only because we need these to keep making our furniture but because we fully understand how vital these resources are for everyone.

We in MBW Furniture take full responsibility in managing and taking care of the survival of the woodland areas. We personally recognize how careful we ought to be in managing and harvesting these materials for the future generation to experience what we have now.

The survival of woodland will never cease as long as it is managed and harvested accordingly. Razing a mature tree will allow enough brand new space for planting. The saplings shall absorb the toxicity in the atmosphere and will then eventually grow in time. As long as this cycle is continuously observed, the forests will continue to be thriving in the future.

And, we entirely support this movement because we know that without our precious natural resources, we wouldn’t be able to provide you the services we have promised. In our ways, we want to give back.