Easy Move-Out Cleaning Checklist to Get Your Deposit Back

Your move-out cleaning checklist should include details such as using a vacuum on your floors, using a scrub to clean your toilet, sink, and bathroom, cleaning inside your closets, cleaning inside your kitchen cabinets, wiping down appliances, and more.

As a tenant, it’s almost certain that you will move out at some point. Usually, when leasing a house, a security deposit is part of what you pay to your landlord. So when you want to relocate, leaving that apartment in excellent condition is one sure way to get that security deposit back from your landlord.

To do this, you will need to create a move out cleaning checklist or hire a cleaning service or company- whatever works best for you. This article will discuss in detail what should be on your move-out cleaning checklist and the cleaning supplies you will need.

What Should Be on My Move-Out Cleaning Checklist?

Listed and discussed below are the elements of a thorough move out cleaning checklist:

Take Out Any Personal Belonging of Yours

To leave the apartment in the same state you rented it, it’s essential that you remove every personal property. It can be your wallpaper, other removable decor additions, furniture, shelves, cupboards, or coffee tables.

Clean the Floors and Carpets

Use a vacuum or broom to clean your floors. In the process of cleaning your floor, don’t leave out specific areas in the house, such as the stairs, closets, and nooks. You may even need to think about hiring a professional carpet cleaning company. While you are already in the cleaning process, we recommend having your rugs cleaned before moving.

Wipe and Dust Every Surface

You can use a surface cleaner with a cloth or paper towels to clean the countertops in the kitchen, the shower, the windows, the mantles of your fireplace, bookshelves, and other surfaces in the apartment.

Clean or Wipe your Appliances

This should undoubtedly be on your move out checklist. After some time, the appliances in the apartment will have a lot of markings and fingerprints.

Before moving out, make sure you use baking soda or a mixture of water and vinegar to wipe or clean your fridge, microwave, and other household pieces of equipment. Also, pay attention to possible food stains in your fridge and microwave.

Clean your Cabinets

During your cleaning exercise, include your cabinets as well, especially the ones in your kitchen, because they’re most likely to have debris, food crumbs, and residues from groceries and other ingredients.

Clean Fixtures such as the Sinks, Toilets and the Showers

This should be the next thing to clean when you are done vacuuming and cleaning the floor. All the faucets, bathtubs, showers, and toilets should be scrubbed clean. Doing this will eliminate soap scum, rust stains, mold, and mildew and make the bathroom look as good as new.

Clean the Closets

This is another fixture to pay attention to. Once you have removed all your clothing items, begin sanitation in your closets and their consisting parts. If it has drawers, make sure it’s all good in there. Dust the hanging rod and use a broom to sweep the floor of the closet. Most closets come with mirrors. Your cleaning should not leave out the mirrors.

Remove Wall Anchors, Hooks, and Nails

Before you move out, remove any attachment you’ve been using to hang stuff on the wall. Unless the landlord or the new tenant request they remain there, ensure you remove them.

To not cause any damage while removing nails from walls, follow the tip in the video below:

Cover any Holes on the Wall

After removing nails, anchors, or hooks from the wall, there will be holes on the wall, and you should cover them before handing over your apartment key. You can do it yourself or hire a handyman to execute the task.

Cover Scratches or Markings on the Walls with Paint

Purchase some paint that aligns with the color of your walls. If you have more than one color painted on your walls, get the number of paints needed. Use the paint to cover up markings on the walls. Focus more on areas with high-gloss paint because they tend to get scratches and markings easier than walls with matte finishing.

Oven and Stovetop Cleaning

move-out oven cleaning

The stovetop is one of the places in the kitchen where you’ll likely find hidden food residues. Remove the top part of your cooker and clean beneath your burners. Mix baking soda with water and use it to clean your oven. You can also sprinkle the mixture into your oven.

Mop the Floor

After vacuuming and dusting everywhere, round up your cleaning by using a mop to clean your floors. Use warm water and vinegar for mopping. Alternatively, you can use a wet cloth to wipe the floors. This gives your flooring a squeaky clean appearance before you move out.

Ensure the Ceiling and Doors are in Excellent Shape

It will be inappropriate to move out when you have a sagged ceiling, or it probably has some holes. Check every door in the house to ensure that they’re functioning correctly. Also, check every room in the house to ensure that they’re in good shape.

Is It Necessary to Hire a Cleaning Service?

Many people prefer to go for professional cleaning services rather than do the work themselves when they want to move out. Professional cleaning is not a bad idea, especially if you’re after that security deposit.

Getting your house cleaned professionally gets the job done more efficiently. There are spots or places you might miss out on while cleaning. It’s either that or they won’t be adequately cleaned.

But then, if you’re on the budget and you want to save money as you move out, doing the cleaning yourself is the preferred option.

Most people go with the first option (hiring a cleaning company) when they decide to move out, probably due to a busy job or a big family. Also, it can just be that they simply don’t have the time.

The best time to begin the cleaning is after you’ve moved out all your personal belongings in the house. You can thoroughly look after fixtures like your doors, windows, and bathroom in the cleaning process.